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Outdoor Commercial Property Maintenance Services Near You!

Proudly servicing local companies since 2017:

 - Major Cities

   - Cambridge

   - Brantford

   - Kitchener

   - Waterloo   

 - Brant County

   - St. George

   - Paris

   - Glen Morris

 - North Dumfries

   - Branchton

   - Ayr


Commercial Snow & Ice Management:

It is hard to believe it is already time to start worrying about keeping your employees and customers safe during the winter months.  We offer commercial contracts for many winter services.

Commercial Landscape & Garden Maintenance:

We also provide an array of commercial property maintenance services for spring, summer and autumn allowing customers to contract with and manage one property maintenance company.

Winter Maintenance Services:

Commercial Snow Plowing:

 - Clearing snow from driving surfaces and walk ways

 - Salting surfaces to prevent slips and falls

 - GPS Reporting on vehicles available on demand

 - $5,000,000 general liability insurance

Spring, Summer and Fall Maintenance Services

 - Spring and Fall Clean-up  

- Commercial Lawn Care Services:

  - Grass Cutting

  - Seeding/Sodding

  - Dethatching

  - Litter removal

- Commercial Garden Bed Maintenance:  

   - Planting

   - Mulching

   - Pruning

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